New Mattress Expectations

New Mattress Expectations

What should you expect from your new mattress? Well, spending a couple thousand dollars on your new big ticket item doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Several factors can contribute to making it difficult to get accustomed to your new bed.

Getting used to it

Just like with new shoes, breaking in a new mattress takes time. Mattresses, though quite firm when initially delivered, can require several weeks to settle. Recently manufactures have come pout with new generation foams that are pre-compressed, thus reducing or eliminating break in time. Don’t be alarmed should you experience minor back discomfort after the first several nights spent in your new bed. Give your body a few weeks to adjust to the characteristics of your new mattress.

New mattress smell

Air out your new mattress. New mattresses arrive sealed in plastic bags and often generate a temporary and faint “new product” smell. Though not harmful, it can be unpleasant for those sensitive to such odors. It soon wears off and will completely disappear with time. Some types of mattresses, memory foam and latex in particular, are known to have a stronger smell and often require an extended period of time to completely air out. Daily removal of the sheets from your mattress coupled with good air circulation can certainly expedite the elimination of this factory “new product” smell.

Other tips

Ensure the activation of your warranty by registering your purchase. This can be done by mail or via the company web site. Some retailers might discourage you from doing so claiming they have your information in their system. Register anyway. It requires only a few minutes of your time and is highly recommended.

Though new mattresses do not require any maintenance we strongly recommend periodically rotating your mattress (every six months or so). We recommend making a habit of doing so when you change your clocks for daylight savings time. Be sure and rotate end for end so that what was at the headboard is now at the foot board. It not only helps prolong the useful life of the mattress but will ensure your new purchase retains it’s comfort for years to come.

Do not remove the label at the end of your mattress. This identification tag is required for your warranty to remain in force.

Keep your mattress clean and don't allow it to get wet. Stains may void your warranty. Always use a mattress pad or a mattress protector.