Foundation vs. Boxspring

Foundation vs. Box Spring

Even though these terms are currently used interchangeably and serve the same purpose, they do differ from one another. Foundation is a general term for the mattress base, where a box spring is a type of foundation using steel springs. Both of them support and elevate the mattress, while also extending its life. Mattresses and foundations are designed to work together creating a cohesive unit and typically they should be purchased or replaced together. Foundations come in different heights, so you choose a low profile base with a very thick mattress without having a super high set to jump to.


Any base or support element positioned underneath a mattress. It provides sturdy support, elevates the mattress and prolongs its life. Sometimes referred to as box spring, which is a traditional type of foundation with heavy-duty springs or torsions that work together with the mattress. Most of the mattresses nowadays use platform foundation – a solid, non-giving base made of wooden box, with metal cross bars and wooden slats. This type of foundation has no shock absorbing ability and doesn’t wear out. It solely provides rigid base and elevates the mattress. Adjustable or movable foundation offers ability to bend and change your position.

Box Spring

Is a traditional support base placed below a mattress. A real box spring uses heavy-duty springs or torsions inside a wooden or steel frame that work together with the mattress and provide additional support. These coils act as shock absorbers and giving in once the pressure and weight is applied. Box spring and its components will eventually wear out with time. There are some manufacturers still using true box spring, but vast majority utilizes solid, non-yielding foundations.