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Memory Foam Buying Guide

What to look for when buying a new memory foam mattress - Your ultimate memory foam mattress buying guide 

It is finished. Done. Your old mattress is no longer an option, not even with the fluffy down topper. You just made a decision to get a new one and you are starting your quest by getting some references from your family members, friends, and coworkers.

How to buy a mattress - Mattress shopping process in 10 steps

What to do when it’s time to replace your old bed and how to go about shopping for a new one

Mattress Name Game – A deceiving tactic of mattress industry

Mattress Name Game – A deceiving tactic of the mattress industry 

How to buy a mattress online - advantages and disadvantages of skipping a visit to a retail store showroom

There is a first time for everything. You want to do it on your own and dedicate an entire Sunday to your computer, doing research from a comfy chair, and once decided just enter your credit card information and click submit. That’s it. And a new mattress is on its way. Sounds easy right? Well not so fast.

Traditionally, people buy their mattresses in stores where they can physically try and compare them, then eventually arrange delivery and make a payment. Lately, more and more...


Starting point of your quest to find a great new mattress

You came to the conclusion that it is time to replace your old mattress. Like many other shoppers, you are not particularly excited about it, but now that it’s on your list it needs to be taken care of. As a responsible consumer you are getting ready to dive into long hours of research with the goal of finding the right mattress that will serve you well for many years, and this is just the place you want to start.

One of the first decisions you face is choosing one or two mattress...

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