Exchange / Return Policy

Mattress Exchange / Return Policy

Most of the time called comfort guarantee or in-home trial in mattress business. It is a fancy word for a standard exchange or return policy by a retail store. Some stores also refer to them as trials, tryouts, or test periods. Do not mistake comfort guarantee provided by a retailer that will exchange your product if you don’t like it with warranty provided by a manufacturer covering product defects.

Mattress retailers have different exchange/return options and exchange/return costs. Always read the fine print of the exchange/return policy before you place an order. Comfort guarantee is usually stated in days, weeks or months. You can find guarantee as short as 7 days and as long as 120 days. Very few stores have full return policy with no pick up or restocking fees. Some stores provide only exchanges and no returns, and some stores, especially furniture stores offer no exchange policy at all. If it states on the label or receipt that the mattress is sold As-Is, there is no return or exchange available on this product.

Some stores require you to keep the mattress at your home for a certain period of time before you can exchange it (usually several weeks). They are betting on you forgetting and/or getting used to it. We recommend to try the mattress for at least 4 weeks prior to initiating an exchange. Some people panic or give in to buyers' remorse two soon instead of spending more time on the mattress and make sure it is not a good fit.

Exchange Fees

Usually there is a cost to you associated with exchange or return: shipping cost, restocking fee, re-delivery fee, pick-up fee.
You may be responsible for the initial shipping or delivery. Some retailers offer full refund, but in the fine print they state that they will keep the shipping/delivery portion of the original amount you paid (even if shipping was free).
You may be responsible for shipping of the exchange product back to retailer (especially online purchases) or you may be charged a pick up fee. Restocking fee could be a set amount or most likely a percentage of your initial purchase price. You may be charged a re-delivery fee, even if your initial purchase was delivered for free.