Perfect Contour

The Perfect Contour Collection has been thoughtfully crafted to inspire sleep. The collection has three distinct levels and features the latest in mattress technology. Models range from all foam construction to premium innerspring support systems.

All foam construction mattresses envelop the sleeper in comfort. Luxurious foams are layered to create a unique feel and a surface that contours to the body.

For the Perfect Contour innerspring mattresses, only the finest innerspring systems have been used. You have the option to choose an open-coil innerspring or an encased coil innerspring. The innerspring and foam layers work together to provide a more comfortable, more supportive sleep.

Every mattress in the Perfect Contour collection has been built to reduce pressure points. Pressure points cause you to toss and turn, keeping you awake at night. The Perfect Contour Collection virtually eliminates pressure points, providing you with a more restful, restorative sleep.

Perfect Contour Product Lines

Perfect Contour Foam

Memory Foam Discontinued

Perfect Contour Luxury

Innerspring Discontinued

Perfect Contour Elite

Innerspring Discontinued