PureTouch® is a collection of natural latex mattresses manufactured by Therapedic®. Company claims that all mattresses under PureTouch brand do not use any synthetic materials in their latex, and only use natural latex, which comes from sap of the Brazilian rubber tree (Havanea brasilinesis).

All PureTouch mattresses utilizes exclusive 7-zone design, where latex is customized for each zone corresponding to seven areas of the body: head, neck, shoulders, lumbar (lower back), hips, legs, feet. PureTouch® Talalay latex is the only foam simultaneously supports and contours to your body. It’s three times more durable than polyurethane foam, it is completely breathable and doesn’t trap or absorb heat, it is inherently anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and dust mite and mildew resistant.

There are currently 2 collections under PureTouch brand - PureTouch Collection and PureTouch II Collection. PureTouch® II is the original PureTouch® collection enhanced with up to eight inches of latex and a stretch zippered cover. In addition, it includes an eco-friendly foundation with coordinating laminated border. The PureTouch II support comes from a 6” polyurethane foam core, where select models of PureTouch Collection feature 7" Talalay latex core.

You can learn about details of every line if you search under PureTouch® brand.

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You can learn about details of every line if you search under PureTouch® brand.