Ara is a 13" memory foam mattress in Sleep Science memory foam collection. It has a 4 layer construction with 6" Air Channel base foam support core. It also features 6 5/8" of memory and proprietary reinforced edge support - The Wedge. 20 years limited warranty.

Ara is available at Costco and other retailers. It is manufactured in China. All Sleep Science products are shipped compressed, vacuum packed.

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Quilt/Top Layers: 

Bamboo blend cover - 300g/m2, bamboo is 40%, nylon is 40%, polyester is 20%

Comfort Layers: 

3" Memory foam - 5 lb Density Density , 11-13 Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) IFD
3 5/8" Memory foam - 5 lb density, 11-13 IFD
0.5" Air barrier

Support System: 

6" Support Tech Air Channel base foam Support Core support core

Edge Support: 

The Wedge reinforced edge


Sleep Science Folding Mattress Foundation with built-in frame 14"

Adjustable Base Compatible

20 Years Limited - first 10 years Non-Prorated WarrantyNon-Prorated + 10 years Prorated Warranty Prorated
No Flip, No Rotate No Flip, No Rotate