Sherwood Offset Coil


Sherwood Offset Coil line is a basic, innerspring mattress line featuring double offset verti-Coil Support System (460 queen), natural and chemical free fire barrier, soy-based foams and gel memory foam in select models. Warranty depends on particular model and ranges from 1 year to 10 years.

Know model names: Dover, Coventry, Camelot, Kendal.

There are several softness options available: firm, plush, pillow top and possibly others. Each model will have different height and different selection and thickness of comfort materials to achieve a specific feel, however the support structure remains the same. Higher priced models (Kendall) include gel memory foam.

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Coil Count/Density: 
SizeCoil Count
Twin XLn/a
Full XLn/a
Cal King
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Mattress Type: 
Quilt/Top Layers: 

Circular Knit Ticking
Heavy Weight 4-Way Lycra Stretch Knit Ticking - select models
100% Natural and Chemical Free Fire Barrier

Comfort Layers: 

Soy-Based Quilt Foam
Soy-Based Support Foam
Insulator Pad
Super-Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam - select soft models
Super-Soft Soy-Based Comfort Foam - select soft models
HD Medium Firm Soy-Based Support Foam - select soft models
HD Firm Soy-Based Support Foam - select firm models
HD Firm Soy-Based Quilt Foam - select firm models
[qtip: Gel Infused Memory Foam | Gel Infused Memory Foam |Gel memory foams are becoming more popular because they advertise the improvement on traditional memory foam drawbacks – heat retention and response time. Gel foam manufacturers claim that their foams are much cooler, but they don’t say by how much and this may not be even noticeable by an end-user. Gel foams are made by infusing gel molecules or by adding gel beets - select models

Support System: 

Double offset verti-Coil Support System - inter-connected springs

Edge Support: 

Fully Foam encased - select models

Matching Foundation
Foundation Height: Regular 9", Low Profile 5"

Warranty depends on a particular model, ranging from 1 year Non-Prorated WarrantyNon-Prorated to 10 year Non-Prorated
Mattress Rotation Required
Body indentation Body indentation of 1 1/2" or greater required